What is Website Builder? How to be an Website Builder Expert in 2022?

An eye-catchy, easy-to-navigate, user-friendly, well-designed website is one of the biggest assets or magnetic pull points for any customer in today’s world. Owning a website in its heydays was considered to be a matter of privilege. However, with the passage of time, this myth has been broken and in today’s world Owning a website has become a necessity due to the ever-increasing need of having an online presence. To meet this growing demand, people are trying their best to come up with a website that’s designed perfectly according to their niche products and growing client needs. In this article we discuss more What is Website Builder? and How to be an Website Builder Expert?

Traditionally, there was a team comprising of developers, content writers, and designers to develop a website and the amount charged was a bomb. But with the growth of technology and tools, this dependency is cut-off and we have tools called website builders that can be used by anyone and everyone to build and launch their respective websites. As online presence is getting faster and more reliable with time, website builders are gaining prominence amongst the masses.

What is a Website Builder?

Website Builder is an online website designing tool that helps in the creation of a professional website within a little span of time.  Gone are the days, when it used to take months to build websites, now all of this can be done quickly sitting in the comforts of your Home or Home-Office. An online website builder helps your customers obtain a fully functional online presence along with having the supreme control to change designs, put up News Tickers, Banners, Update/Modify content, etc in a jiffy through a user-friendly interface without depending on any developer/designer.

Target Client base & Features of website builders?

The website builder is a boon for individuals, freelancers, photographers, small-time businesses, and start-ups.

Website Builder tool helps build full-fledged operational and easy-to-navigate websites quickly. The end client would be charged on the basis of the Web Space and the number of web pages specified within a particular plan. The traditional content management systems were designed to manage large websites, however, online website builders are designed to focus on smaller website projects. This doesn’t require the user to be technically skilled with programming, database, and content management skills. It’s all done through an easy interface that can be used to edit/modify any content or image on the website.

Advantages of Using a Website Builder:

  • Reduced Cost – Website builder cuts down the cost of developing and maintaining a website to a great extent.
  • No Coding – Using a website builder doesn’t require knowledge or learning of technical skills like HTML or any other type of website coding. All the build work is done through templates, the user can choose any of the templates to develop a website that fits their business perfectly.
  • High-Quality Graphics – As mentioned above, the large presence of unique design templates that can be customized guarantees that the website builder gives you access to high-quality website graphics which can be used at no additional cost. Apart from graphics, Music can also be added to enhance the website pages thereby making the site more attractive for visitors.
  • Ease of use – The website builder has a drag and drop option eliminating the need to write a new code every time for any desired change on the website. It thus gives absolute control to the user to make any and every change very easily.
  • eCommerce integration – An online store is the way going forward to create and run a business breaking away from the traditional shackles of 4 walled business Whether you have one product to sell or 1,000, a website builder in a matter of few simple steps can create an online store with seamless eCommerce integration coupled with easy checkout and payment process will ensure your customers to have a great shopping experience on any device.
  • Social media integration – Every website builder comes with built-in social media integrations. Integrating your website with Social media not only expands your social presence and allows you a better connection with your social network but also makes customizing your website more easily and more quickly.

There are multiple factors that should be assessed while comparing website builders. These components can be found in the form of website builder comparison charts like Website Builder Comparison Wiki etc. You will find genuine handpicked & fact-checked information with consolidated data gathered in one place. All you have to do is to browse, check facts and choose the builder that suits your business.

We have handpicked the top 2 players in website building for 2020-21:

WordPress.com: The best part about this website builder is the robust functionality backed by thousands of free WordPress plugins. One of their preferred features is the Elementor page builder which lets you customize the smallest thing on the website. The flip side is that you can’t install WordPress plugins unless you select a business plan. However, you can still use WordPress.com for free, but it will give access to limited features. Cost-wise, this turns out to be the cheapest standing at just $4 / mo.

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Wix: Its Wix ADI module helps you build a beautiful site on autopilot effortlessly. This AI-made site can be further customized using inbuilt tools. The costing is simple and cost-effective. The plans are selected on features like subscription, shipping discount, level of support, loyalty marketing, and so on.

A quick snippet view of all other leading website builders;

  • Squarespace – Best for creatives.
  • Weebly – Best for small businesses.
  • SITE123 – Best help and support.
  • Strikingly – Best value for money.
  • Duda – A Creative tool maker.
  • GoDaddy – Quicker tool for creating and publishing websites.
  • Jimdo Creator – Quick advert remover at a cheaper cost.
  • 1&1 IONOS – Magic for multilingual websites and white-collar businesses.

In conclusion, the Evolution of technology has made this website building process simplified and easy for anyone and everyone.

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