How to start a Blog and get Followers in 2022

Before moving on to How to start a Blog and get Followers you should know what is blog.

A blog is much like a website, the only difference being that content is presented in reverse chronological order (newer content appears first). This content is often referred to as entries or “blog posts”. Blogs are typically managed by people who thoughtfully present Reviews and discussions in a simplified and conversational lingo. However, today there are many corporate blogs that produce a lot of informational, technical, and Management style content. Rather than asking how to start a blog initially, the bigger WHY should be answered and to sum it up in a simplified manner, please find below the answers to the Big Why!!!!

  1. Make money online: A blog has an in-built potential to make money every month through various methods like running ads, selling your own products and services, recommending other businesses with affiliate marketing, and more.
  2. Build an audience: Let’s say that you are going to launch a product or a book soon and you want to build some buzz before the launch, then Blog becomes the choice to spread the message.
  3. Attract targeted leads: Maybe you already have a business and want to generate leads and get more customers, A blog with fresh content can cover the distance and reach out to the target audience.
  4. Express yourself as a writer: Blogging improves your writing skills by making you share your stories which can connect and encourage people and in the bargain may end up building a small community of people connected through words.

The next question would be about the cost implications. If the question is, Can we start a Blog for free. The simplest answer is yes, You can start a blog for free. However, this has got its own set of challenges and is full of risks and limitations, hence the frank opinion here would be to evade free blogging platforms. A free option might be a good idea if the intent is casual blogging without any idea of making money from it.

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But, If the ultimate plan is to start this as a business and develop it as a brand and generate revenue, then the Free option is not a good plan. It has got multiple limitations like Limitations on storage, features, and design, Lack of customer support, Unruly and disturbing ads that can psyche the user off.

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Now, let’s focus on the technical side of starting a blog which is simple and straight forward;

  1. Find an apt blog domain name and register it immediately.
  2. Select a blogging platform suitable for new bloggers – usually WordPress.
  3. Finalize and Sign up for a blog hosting account
  4. Install WordPress.
  5. Choose a blogging WordPress theme.
  6. Install a basic must-have set of WordPress plugins.
  7. Customize and design the site and tweak the blog settings to make it easy to navigate and soothing to the eyes.
  8. Kick start your Blog Writing and start publishing.

How do we get more views to the blog and make it revenue-generating?

Blog Regularly: Blogs that have frequent updates in the form of posting always have an upper edge with the readers. Regular Blogging is the only way to increase the site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If any website has mere static content, adding a “Blog” or “News” section would help search engines to take notice that your site is active. Adding content regularly is the best strategy that might even help SEO.

Appropriate usage of Keywords: Ensure that the site is well-indexed with search engines by using keywords that are part of the site. This has to be in the form of the website content, and in tags. Keywords are search terms that the readers might use when searching for your site. To understand the usage of correct keywords, just imagine If you sell toys and games to play with toddlers, it would be a good idea to use the keywords “games for toddlers” in some form of content in the blog posts.

Use Relevant  Tags: Relevant tags must be added to your posts making people find them easily in Reader. However, it’s better to be careful to limit these tags to not exceeding more than 15.

Touch base with the Community & Spread the Word: Blog Traffic has to be devised in smart ways. SEO and traffic work in cognizance, i.e. More visitors to the site, the higher the chances of your site getting a top rank in the google search.

Read and Comment on Other Blogs: Reading other blogs and websites based on your preferences and subscribing to them will be helpful and informative. A chance encounter of reading a moving must calls out for you to leave a comment.

Link to Other Blogs: Blogging is all about active engagement with others in the form of healthy online discussions and reviews. When you link to a blog post, the blogger will likely find your blog through their stats or your comments and will try to figure out what you had to say. It will lead to them subscribing to you or leaving a comment for the same.

Share on Social Media: Use social media features to automatically alert your friends, fans, and subscribers on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn about your new content. This will ensure that none of your fans will ever miss an update.

Bug your Real-life Friends: Encourage or rather pester friends and family to read your blog,  send them reminder emails and messages to read your blog.

And last but not the least, Rome wasn’t built in a day: Even if you follow all the above steps there is no guarantee that you will be blessed with a huge following overnight. Building a subscription base of loyal followers takes time. So just stick to it and wait for the subscription base to become stronger and better.

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