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The advent of the internet into all our lives and the growth of e-commerce all over the world has made entrepreneurs lookout for cost-effective web hosting services that increase their Digital presence coupled with a vast subscription base of followers. A steep increase has been noticed in the number of business ideas, giving rise to newer and informative Websites coming online in the last decade. This has created more avenues, one of them being reselling web hosting. Entry to this business is open and requires almost no cost and can be set up anywhere anytime. Let us get some simple perspective on how to start web hosting business with little investment.

The cost of starting a web hosting business is large considering the commercials for cPanel/WHM $35, WHMCS $30server cost $100+, and other security and managing application will be $50 plus amounting to a total of $2500 per year. 

To overcome this, there is a flip side depending upon our choice of reseller web hosting, thus leading to a simple costing, wherein you may have to pay only $250 for a year.

Thus, by choosing reseller web hosting you are saving a total of $2300+.

The reseller Hosting business can be started in the cheapest and easiest way. You need not acquire any special technical skills to manage the server and technical issues from the server’s perspective. Managing the servers becomes the responsibility of the Reseller hosting provider; thus, making it possible to start a web hosting business without any experience.

Starting a full fledge website hosting business is not that much easy. However, by using reseller hosting at least we can give a start to our Webhosting business as a startup. We will get support from the reseller hosting provider for any technical issues and queries.

So here are the Best Web Hosting Providers you can check out.

What is reseller hosting?

A reseller hosting business allows you to form and operate the back-end services of websites, emails, and domains for your company and others as well.

Ultimate Benefits of Reseller Hosting Business

  • Expand the scope of your business globally.
  • Start the business with minimum resources, Infrastructure, and investment.
  • Hassle-free Server Management.
  • Monthly Income generation by starting a business anywhere anytime.

The crux of the success of the web hosting business depends largely on the choice of a reliable reseller hosting provider?

1. Choosing a Reseller Hosting Company

It’s important to select a hosting provider whose service is value for money. As a first-time reseller, a volume discount reseller should be your ideal choice. A bit of research in terms of the features and attributes of the company should be mandatory before purchasing one. One should choose a hosting provider that is known for being reliable, as their reliability will directly reflect on the reputation of your own hosting business.

Select the Hosting provider on the basis of these key pointers;

  • Good technical support
  • Server uptime
  • Bandwidth and disk space
  • Availability of unlimited storage
  • Trustworthy- An important criterion for long-term contract

2. Know your Customer Better and Understand Market Needs

After setting up the Reseller hosting business, you need to understand how to start a web hosting company marketing and finalize which market niche has to be catered to. Alternatively, Identify your potential customers and gather details about what kind of services and products they will buy.

The client’s buying pulse, needs, and demands of the customer should be the starting point for strategizing the reselling services.  Once this is done, you need to analyze the key market players and their service offerings in terms of quality, selection, and price. This will sow the seeds of competition and will offer you a clear perspective of the market trends and customer choices very clearly.

Choose Your Target Audience with baby steps:

  • Promote your product via affiliate marketing.
  • Niche Market sales grow more rapidly than general hosting sales.
  • Focus marketing efforts only on customers within your niche market.
  • Greater success if there are few competitors in your niche.

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3. Technical skills to run a Web hosting business

  • You need not be a technical whiz kid to manage and maintain accounts from service providers?
  • A little bit of technical know-how is required to provide service to the customer, But this shouldn’t be a botheration as the Hosting provider will give complete support in terms of technical know-how.

4. Automation 

Automation and AI are the next best thing for running a business smoothly. It cuts off many mundane processes and brings in effortless work using the least resources and generating more output in terms of business volumes. The hosting provider will allocate much automated software like cPanel Linux, and WHMCS services for managing the web hosting control panel.

5. Avoid hassles by WHMCS Billing Automation Software

The addition of a billing system to your company’s website will allow you to accept online payments saving you the hassle of issuing and cashing cheques. Setting up WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete solution)  for billing is a boon so that you have to worry less about tracking each payment. Once you install this software on your website, it connects payment gateways to your reseller account WHM control panel. It will automate invoice creation, account creation, account suspension/termination, domain registration, invoice reminders & much more.

6. Add Trust seals at the footer of your website 

The BBB Accredited company seal, McAfee, Paypal seal, and a seal of a PCI Company show that you have passed all the compliance requirements and are meeting the standard security policies of the Hosting business. It will show that your company is active and verified and will help build Strong Trust amongst your customers.

7. Provide a Dedicated IP and 24X7 Technical Support

A dedicated IP helps in securing email usage and reputation from the abuse consequences. The presence of 24X7 support is very essential in the hosting business. This will help to resolve client queries any time of the day through Chat, Voice, and Email support. 

Web hosting business is a growing industry, tens of thousands of business and personal websites go online each week. One must remember to be passionate about helping developers, individuals and small businesses realize their dreams online and establish excellent communication with your clients through your website about what services you offer. Constant persistence and the right amount of planning can do wonders for Hosting businesses. Good Luck!

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