How to increase sales on Amazon in 2023

As a retailer, the only place to meet and connect with customers is on their preferred shopping channels and this is the place where one needs to devise strategies specifically around boosting your sales on those channels. In the upcoming years, it definitely will mean becoming available to e-commerce shoppers and specifically to shoppers on Amazon. To become a successful business we should know How to increase sales on Amazon in 2023.

Since 2016, e-commerce has accounted for around 50% of overall growth in retail and is projected to continue this growth through 2023. What’s important to note here is that of all the e-commerce sales each year, nearly half of those sales take place on platforms like Amazon. In 2018, 49.1% of all e-commerce sales took place on Amazon, which is more than the next nine largest e-commerce channels combined.

  1. Optimize Your Title

Titles are one of the top ways to grab a buyer’s attention, If you follow the general formula of brand name + product name + features (e.g. color, size, gender, use, etc.), then you should be good and you’ll be able to capitalize on high-ranking keywords, too.

  1. Pile on the Feedback

Although reviews can be tough to get and equally tougher to digest, it’s imperative to never stop trying. While shopping, it’s quite possible that you might see products that are identical in function and price, but what saves the day is User reviews and feedback. Once bitten twice shy.

  1. Guard Yourself Against Competitors

SKUs become a core component while selling on Amazon, but it needs to take a backseat when the focus is on the product campaigns. SKUs should be put on a backburner When you’re setting up custom labels for tiering products by their cost because this can become a marker for competitors to sit up and take notice of your actions and undercut your prices with an out of the box price.

  1. Automate Product Prices with a Repricer

Pricing strategies can be tricky. Your price techniques can be like a self-goal because their products are being mass-repriced while you’ve only started. Using an automated price is the perfect solution if you are selling lower volumes.

  1. Don’t Skimp on Keywords

There are plenty of ways to boost your SEO, whether you use the Best SEO tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Camelcamelcamel, Or work on product-related keywords. This will help you be one notch ahead of the game.

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  1. Sync Your Inventory

If you are a seller on various platforms, syncing your inventory makes selling on all of them a lot easier. This will help you to keep track of inventory easily, keep a uniform consistent tone in descriptions, and the changes can be updated seamlessly.

  1. Improve Product Photos

One of the quickest ways to grab a buyer’s attention is to present the product with top-quality photos. One has to remember the simpler nuances of photography and ensure that the photos are shot with as much natural light as possible, better angels, creating better backgrounds, etc. You must also consider putting your product in lifestyle situations so buyers can see how it should be used.

  1. Keep up with Amazon’s protocols and procedures.

Following the rules and knowing what Amazon requires of sellers means you can set up your listings in the high-quality way they want, which leads to higher buyer trust and an increased chance of landing more sales.

Amazon sellers are in a constant battle to stay ahead of the competition. The larger presence of sellers means that there is a rush for the first movers’ advantage. Different brands have different offerings.

The 2 key players would be AMZScout and Jungle Scout who have unique characteristics to assist digital entrepreneurs/sellers by collecting valuable information.

Amzscout Tools

Product Database : Amzscout allows a researcher to seek out products without a keyword using a list of categories and filters.

Keywords Explorer : The explorer tool works quickly after the input of a keyword and spawns product niches and listings that are highly demanded with relevant names and keywords associated with the search.

Product Tracker : The Amzscout Product Tracker is an organized database of the items you wanted to sell, that can be improved and evaluated anytime.

Amzscout WebApp : Amzscout’s database can be accessed using different browsers for providing valuable data on a product’s sales numbers.

Amzscout Chrome Extension : Amzscout’s Chrome Extension is a lightweight and accessible tool that lets the user view the product score – the score based on the product potential.

Jungle Scout Tools

Jungle Scout is an Amazon search tool that helps in looking for products with great potential, keywords, and potential for business growth. Jungle Scout focuses solely on the game of profitability by gathering all data involving a product and its sales.

Niche Hunter : An input of a set of parameters could come up with ideas and categories relevant to the product. Jungle Scout provides an products whole history of sales and also assists in evaluating a product’s complete potential for launching and sales.

Jungle Scout WebApp : The web-based software uses filters to uncover hidden products within Amazon’s product database and helps narrow down the best items for sale.

Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension : This extension can be downloaded post the subscription and self-installs as an accessible plugin to be utilized during product research on Amazon’s main website.


Amzscout and Jungle Scout are primarily product research tools made for Amazon sellers. They both isolate and identify desirable products for the potential of mass profitability.

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