How To Start Online Grocery Store In India (Step By Step Guide on Instamojo)

Today’s era is known as the digital era. Most of the things are done online today, whether it’s study, meetings, business, communications, or shopping. If you are also planning to start your store, then you should start your online store.

The benefits of having an online store are that your store is not limited to any particular area. Your store will be visible worldwide. But setting up an online store has its problems. Setting up an online store on your own requires a lot of skills. You need to design your store, code your store, make pages for your store, etc. These all things are not possible for a normal person to do. Also, you need good hosting to set up your store online. Also, maintenance of an online store is not easy for a person. 

To overcome all these difficulties, we are going to show you how to set up an online store on your own on Instamojo. Setting up an online store on Instamojo is a very simple process and you can set up your online store in a few steps using Instamojo. 

What is Instamojo

Instamojo is a platform where we will get all services in one platform which are required to build your own online store business. Here it is very easy to build your online store. You will get features like an Online store, domain, emails, payment links, pay buttons, integrations of shipping with doorstep pickup & delivery.

You will also get marketing tools for brand establishments. With your own eCommerce storefront, you can sell anything online. No need for any high-end technical knowledge or payment handling knowledge. Instamojo will handle everything.

Not only Grocery Store, but you can also build any type of online eCommerce store with Instamojo Online store.

You can run an online business at a very cheap cost 8Rs/Day. You can avail of the service at 2,999/Year (this comes 250Rs/Month). Instamojo also has a free LITE plan to start your online store with some limited features. For more information and plan details, you can refer to the link Instamojo Online Store.

On Instamojo, learn how to build an online store?

Step 1: First of all, you have to sign up on Instamojo. If you already have an Instamojo account then sign in to the account.

Step 2: Once you have signed up to Instamojo, click on the “Online Store” option which is located in the left-hand side section.

Step 3: To modify/customize your store, go to the “Add product” option.

Step 4: Now, click on the “Store Details” option. When on click on the “Store Details” option you will see a drop-down menu that has the section to edit or make changes to your profile. You can also add your online store’s logo or favicon.

In-store details, you can also add social media icons on the footer part of your online store. When someone clicks on the social media icon, they will be redirected to your social media pages. 

How can I add products to my Instamojo Store?

Till now, you have edited your profile and also made changes to your store details. Now you can start adding products to your online store one by one.

To add products to your online store, first, click on the “Product” button which is located at the top of the left-hand sidebar. You also have to choose which type of products you want to add.

Products details that you have to enter:

  • Product name: Here you have to enter the name of your product. It can be the main product and it can be shown up when your product is displayed.
  • Short description of the product: Here you have to enter a short description of your product. Like what is your product, what it is about, and for what purposes it can be used.
  • Category of the product:  Here, you have to add the categories of your product, so that your product can be in a different category. 
  • Add different variants of your products: Here, you have to add details about the different variants of your products like what is the size of the product, what is the color, how many different sizes and colors are available, etc. 

How to customize your Instamojo online store?

You can also edit the theme of your online store. To edit the theme of your online store go to Store Settings > Themes > Edit Theme

Here also, you can choose the elements you want to include in your theme or not. The list of the elements are:

  • Slider Image: A slider image is an image that is displayed in the banner section of your online store.
  • Banner Text: Banner text will be displayed under the banner of your online store.
  • Customize home: Using ‘Customize Home’ features you can display the Latest Products, Featured Products, top-selling products, new offers and discounts, and different Categories on the homepage of your online store.
  •  Customize URL: Customized URL feature will allow you to make your customized URL. Customized URLs are more SEO-friendly as compared to the traditional long URL. Moreover, Customized URLs are smaller in size, hence they will be easy to share. 

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How to Use Instamojo Online Store

Till here, your online store is ready. You can put your online store’s URL on your social media pages. You can also add your online store’s URL to your Instagram Bio.

SEO options on the online store of Instamojo:

SEO is an important part of any online website. Some of the important SEO features for an online store are: 

SEO title: SEO title is very important to rank your product on the top pages of search engines. It should not be too long. A good SEO title has 60 characters. SEO title should contain your main product name also.

SEO description: SEO description or the meta-description are other important aspects of SEO. Descriptions help the search engine’s algorithm to understand what the product is about. Hence it will improve your online visibility 

SEO keywords: Keywords are the most important part of SEO. Keywords are the search term that the user terms that a user enters into the search engine to search for a product. The more relevant your keywords, the more your product will appear in searches.

Canonical URL: Canonical URL helps you to prevent multiple URLs for the same pages. It will help to remove duplicate content.

Instamojo Payment Option

Instamojo also provides a payment gateway for your online store. The payment gateway of Instamojo accepts payments from most of the famous online methods. Instamojo charges a small fee on every successful transaction. 

Charges details are as follows:

  1. Basic transaction charges on Instamojo are 2% + Rs. 3 on a successful transaction.
  2. For digital goods, the transaction charges are 5% on every successful transaction.
  3. Payment will be received in your bank account within three working days. You can also choose for a faster payout. But faster payout will charge you a small amount to transfer money into your bank account faster.


We hope that you have got all the information about the Instamojo online store. We have also shown how to set up an online store in Instamojo. Still, If you have any queries or questions on setting up an online store using Instamojo, you can contact us through the comment section below or contact us form. If you have any other feedback or questions then also let us know in the comment section.

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