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Ever since the evolution of human life, people have had something to sell and devised their own ways to attract buyers. These methods withstood tough times until now, but slowly we see a paradigm shift in these methods.  Newer technology methods have slowly replaced the older ones by making technology more accessible through smarter ways like the internet. Internet marketing has taken precedence over traditional outbound marketing methods.  This transition has had a deep impact on businesses of all sizes and industry

It is scary to think how dependent we have become on the internet since it was launched 22 years ago. Since the evolution of this medium, Our World has got encompassed on a small screen. We use a Mobile or Laptop’s smaller window to share stories and notifications with friends all over the world at the touch of a button, as well as to make shopping easier.

One doesn’t have to leave the comforts of their home or spoil their only weekend shopping in malls or vegetable markets. On the contrary, all one has to do is jump onto their laptop or tablet and place the required orders from the comfort of their sofa.

There is a huge change in the way products/services are being marketed and sold. Apart from offline marketing, Billboards, Flyers,  leaflets, and word of mouth; top businesses now heavily rely upon the internet to reach their prospective audiences to propel their sales in Full Throttle. Failure to adhere to the new methods, Stamping an Online presence, and keeping pace with changing trends can cost you your business.

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, is the method of advertising a company or brand’s goods or services over the internet with tools that help generate traffic, leads, and sales.

Some helpful tools are discussed here. Overall the term is known as Digital Marketing.

  • Viral Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Electronic Billboards
  • Influencer/ Affiliate Marketing
  • Radio& TV Ads
  • Mobile Marketing

So how has internet marketing changed?

  1. Websites – One doesn’t need to be a computer whiz or an expert in coding to create a website these days, which is great news for businesses as this allows one to easily understand their audience as well as showcase their services/products. The fact that 81% of shoppers use the internet to research and review products before a purchase is a testimony depicting the strong importance of the internet.

People trust in what they can see and hear and are no longer interested to call Yellow Pages or street hunting looking out for specific shops and products. They want instantaneous information that they can devour, so if you don’t have a registered website in your name, they will for sure take the hop to the next shop. To avoid the customer from rowing away, it is important to invest in responsive and user-friendly web designs that are compatible across various mobile devices and platforms, thus making the website viewable from anywhere, at any time.

  1. Reviews – A scary word in today’s world. Consumers use the internet to research, rather than read/watch reviews of any and every product.  61% of the population are of this kind. A well-worded review is a means of influencing the client’s thoughts and defining their opinions. These reviews clearly articulate if the Buyer has to invest OR not invest in the product. The good thing is that a client is well informed and the bad thing is that, No Smarty Salesman can try to sell the Fridge to an Eskimo anymore.
  1. E-commerce – e-commerce websites have changed the shopping modus operandi completely. One can now shop within the confines of their Living room and find amazing deals that any Big Sop can offer on a Christmas Day sale. Electronics, Groceries, Fresh Meat, Clothes, Food Delivery… you name it and you can buy it, without speaking to anyone or even visiting a store or suffering through their sales spiel.

The internet has also allowed businesses to curtail their investment in terms of infrastructure. There is no need to invest in a Shop/outlet, nor does one have to invest in manpower for sales and services. It has gone one step ahead and helped in broadening the reach of the business and escaping the geographical restrictions of a physical shop.

  1. Advertising – From its first inception on the Internet in 1994 to the launch of Google AdWords in 2000; it has never been easier to advertise your business thanks to the internet. A mere cooked-up concoction of well-researched keywords into your content,  smart slogan and you have an instantaneous connection with your target audience.

In fact, one can use this ad posting on options like social media, apps, music streaming services, and on devices i.e. Kindle Fire; by simply conducting some online analytics on customer purchasing patterns and spending behavior. 

  1. Social Media – social media is another fantastic online medium that allows one to effectively connect with the audience and communicate the brand message quickly. This is almost like baiting the customer with a lucrative deal/offer.

Apart from canvasing the product, social media can be the perfect Agony Aunty for your business. It can become a prompt complaint handling spot; One feedback about the product must lead to swift action from you to replace it quickly or issue a refund along with issuing an apology for the mishap. C’mon, how many businesses have the ethics to OWN their mistake and agree to Act upon it and correct it. The issue here is not materialistic replenishment, what plays a pivotal role is OWNERSHIP and that will play down positively on a string of prospective and existing clients.  This will also eliminate duplicate queries (as your post would have provided them with the information they seek).

  1. Email marketing – Since the internet’s inception, this marketing strategy has rapidly progressed, and it now easily allows companies to gather contact information. With the help of email marketing, the customers can be informed about special offers; next arrivals, new products/services; make personal recommendations for future purchases, share tips and encourage consumers to leave reviews and referrals.
  2. Analytics– The arrival of analytics has made a vast difference to marketing as it allows you to track your and your consumer’s activities, as well as identify areas for improvement.

Internet marketing has truly changed the way one promotes their products/services to consumers. Rather than the expenditure incurred on offline marketing campaigns, infra costs, manpower salaries, it’s better to; invest in a website, SEO, advertising, social media, and email marketing. 

So, if your business lacks an online presence, it’s better to jump onto the Internet Marketing bandwagon and transform your business into a money-making success.

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