How to make videos for YouTube with pictures and music

Once you’ve created a great product or service, the next logical step would be to create interest and get people talking about your product. One option to do this is to create thought-provoking audio or video content. The way we are consuming information is changing, and it’s harder to hold the brittle attention of the audience. In this article, we take a look at how Video content is important to take our business to next level. Here is the tool which we are talking about and How to make videos for YouTube with pictures and music with the help of that tool.

Online video and audio services have exploded in popularity over the last few years (Vimeo, Soundcloud, YouTube, Podcasts, etc.), making these very powerful channels garner the attention of the target audience. Let’s not forget, that when it comes to marketing, it helps when people actually want to hear from you. It was rightly pointed out by Facebook’s engineering director Srinivas Narayanan, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is a library.”

Based on a study conducted by Slidely, A whopping 44% of people watch five or more videos online every single day. This clearly depicts social video becoming a wildly valuable opportunity for businesses spanning multiple industries.

TV ads are broadcast to the masses without having a personal relevance to the end viewer, thus forcing them to endure and loathe them further on. However, modern targeting techniques coupled with AI allow marketing videos to be relevant and viewer-centric.

The logic is to make tailor-made video content and boost client retention by over 35%. Also,  since 71% of consumers find sponsored videos highly relevant, it’s definitely worth investing in a video campaign that will be viewed by the right eyeballs.

Video marketing isn’t just good for garnering attention and entertainment. It stands out to be an effective tool that can lead consumers through the sales funnel. For e.g., a study by Eyeview Digital revealed that using video on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. Furthermore, just mentioning the word “video” in your email subject line will boost open rates by 19%. A massive 90% of consumers reported that video helps them to make buying decisions, while 64% that seeing a video entices them more likely to buy. In short, videos are an engaging medium that is accessible to businesses of every size, structure, and domain.

Let’s take a quick rundown to understand how video marketing can actually grow your business:

Increase brand awareness : A 52% rise in brand awareness has been spotted by those companies who have used video marketing to depict the fun side of their company to their customers. The higher the brand awareness, the faster will be the business growth.

Accelerate your conversion rate : Increase in conversion rates is directly proportional to higher the chance of sales. Forbes rightly points out that, just by adding a video to marketing emails can propel up click-through rates by 200-300%. Can increase conversion rates by 80%, by embedding videos on landing pages of websites. If the ultimate objective is to compel the visitors to make a purchase and become an indirect promoter, then video marketing is one of the best tools to turn this dream into a reality.

Videos are informational and educational : 98% of people prefer watching videos to understand new concepts/products/services. 84% of people confirm that they’ve been convinced to buy a product by simply watching a brand’s video. If you are planning to launch a new product or service which is difficult to understand, video marketing will simplify this solution and help your audience understand difficult concepts easily. It is one of the best ways to explain exhaustive information within a short period.

Improves your Google search ranking : Google loves videos with YouTube (which Google owns) as the second biggest search engine. If you are struggling to keep your business amongst the top searches of Google, video marketing will help you to climb the ladder by accelerating the search ranking and subsequently reduce the bounce rate.

Better engagement with mobile users : 90% of people prefer watching videos on their mobile devices. If people find the video entertaining and educational, they would immediately share it with their friends thus contributing to increasing the social shares. The mobile-optimized video increases the website traffic and generates higher subscription base.

Raises customer retention : Use your video marketing strategy to build customer’s trust. 95% of people say that the concept/message shared in the video is retained significantly with immediate effect. Only 10% are able to connect to the concept after reading the text. A rise in retention rate increases the subsequent rise in trust.

One of the recent tools that are garnering lots of positive responses is VIDNAMI. Vidnami was founded in 2015 and was earlier known as content samurai. The name Vidnami is a combination of the word Video and Nami (the Japanese word for wave)

Its artificial intelligence examines the text entered and it automatically picks related images or videos allowing its users to produce videos that look professional without any dependency on having any previous technical knowledge.

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The best thing is that it is all done through an instinctive interface and one step at a time approach which reduces the production timelines. One doesn’t have to download and install this software as this is an Internet-based App.

Pros Of Vidnami

  • Simple and Easy Interface for Video Creation
  • Exhaustive Library Of Stock Images & Videos
  • No Editing skills required
  • Great tool for text to video conversion
  • Large collection of latest Video Templates
  • No need to install Software
  • Automatic Caption
  • A large collection of royalty-free music

Cons Of Vidnami

  • No lifetime subscription required
  • No option to create whiteboard videos.
  • No Room for more creativity.

Video marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote and educate customers about your products and services. It will help you increase engagement, improve your search engine rankings, and accelerate your business growth.

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