How Long Does It Take To Design a Logo

The world has become a global village and brands are no longer restricted to and confined to mere geographical boundaries. Gone are the times, when McDonalds or KFC, Starbucks was a brand that was known only to Westerners. Today they have reached out to every single continent surpassing Borders and transcending boundaries successfully.

So today, one individual might be at the germination of an idea to start a new venture, nurturing a passion, trying out his small idea. The focus will be on the idea and subsequent revenue generation and one may easily avoid the thought of designing a logo.

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Most people end up making the same mistake with the same thoughts, 

  • How important is a logo anyway?
  • How long does it take to design a logo?
  • This time delay shouldn’t affect the launch of my business venture?
  • Can I put this idea to design a logo on the back burner for the moment?

Here’s the simple logic: Integrating a visual on what you’re doing brings your idea to life and communicates it in a way that words probably won’t. It’s understood that delivering a fantastic product or service is your top priority, you can still think of a logo as a support system, that will help you to gain visibility, trust, and goodwill.

It gives your company an identity and makes it stand apart from the crowd. The famous designer Paul Rand rightly said; 

“A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.”

Let us think about how most people will interact with a company for the first time. It could be through a website, social media channel, business card, or a stall at a conference, you want to make a positive first impression — and mere words can hardly do the work here. Designing a logo will help the company and give it a pathway to sneak and fit into sectors both large and small. An efficient logo will strengthen your business name (and overall brand) by providing a visual to the target audience. As a business owner, you end up saying “hi” without being pushy or obnoxious.

Gone are the days, when the logo has to explicitly identify what one does or sells — for example, if the business is about Finance and Stocks, we don’t need to include currency symbols or piggy banks in the logo. However, what the logo needs to communicate is the attribute of the brand using colors, fonts, symbols, shapes, and slogans. And it needs to do it in a way that’s simple and easy to understand.

How many times has it occurred to us that we have forgotten the name of something, but can describe how it looks? Today, people interact with hundreds of brands a day, and one has just a few milliseconds to capture someone’s attention and stand out.

Here there is 5 online logo design tool where you can easily design your logo with very simple steps.






The first mental block of how long does it take to design a logo will get erased, when we realize that a distinctive logo makes the brand (and business) relatively easier to recall because humans are encoded smartly to identify images and co-relate them to derive meaning and stories.

According to a social experiment conducted by Optimal Targeting, our brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text, and people remember 80% of images (versus 20% of text and 10% of sound). 

You can see the above effects of visual recall in action when you look at the results of the above experiment, where 156 people were asked to draw ten iconic logos from memory, and everyone ended up drawing Ikea, Dominos, KFC, McDonalds, Coke, Pepsi, and Burger King. While the results vary widely, most people do a good job capturing these daily life logos along with their brand colors.

No matter how long it took to design a logo, the key aspect would be to think of the end consumer who might view this on a Billboard,  a social media channel, An Event Management notification, or a label on a laptop/advertising material and then ponder about how the Target audience should remember this.  

So why is the logo important, let’s do a quick run-through of some quick pointers that will help us understand this better;

  1. It Grabs Attention

Attention spans are relatively short these days – especially for consumers. All companies have under 4 seconds to convince potential clients about their products are good and consumable.

  1. It Makes a Strong First Impression

A logo is a company’s primary introduction to its clients. If designed well, it can evoke the interest of the public and invite them to learn more about the company.

  1. It’s the Foundation of Your Brand Identity

Successful branding is about telling a story that will influence client’s emotional mindset and convince their customers’ thought processes – plain and simple.  

  1. It’s Memorable

Logos are that penultimate point of identification; wherein they act as the symbol that customers use to recognize your brand. Your logo leads the horse (your target client) to water (your company).

  1. It Separates You From Competition

One must dare to be different with their logo because a company logo tells clients why a particular business is unique. There might be 50 other coffee shops in a city, but yours is the only one that’s committed to better service, prompt delivery, sustainability, and this soft-toned earthy logo drives that message home.

  1. It Fosters Brand Loyalty

The growth of your brand is directly proportional to the popularity and familiarity of your logo amongst a wide range of consumers, and this familiarity creates the perception that you’re trustworthy and accessible.

  1. Your Audience Expects it

Your logo is the most striking feature that will strike a chord with Target Audience. This is the vital thing that your audience will look for when they see any interactions and communications from your brand. It should be displayed with maximum utilization of the space i.e. in front and center of all your marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, Print and Broadcasting Media, etc.

The advancement in technology and tools have ended up bridging the gaps between many things. An era of change has dawned upon us now helping us to move from questions like how long does it take to design a logo to How many design templates will I have for this logo. The time duration has been replaced with content and design flexibility today. This has resulted in the online presence of multiple Logo Design Apps and tools which helps one and all to create the logo of their business as per their likes and convenience.

Some of the Big players of today are;

All the above-mentioned tools have their own attributes and key points with respect to Logo design and value. So let’s quickly look at the key pointers for these tools;

  1. Canva: It has a lot of graphic design tools that are easy to use even for people with zero design knowledge. One can access it from a PC or smartphone, which is very practical. The tool has the presence of a large number of vectors, Default templates, Multiple designs, and many fonts to choose from. 
  2. Design Crowd: There are over half a million creative freelancers working on the platform. Some of its key features are Design Galleries, Designer Finder, Design Crowdsourcing, Design Outsourcing, and Multiple Design Categories.
  3. Logomakr: Creating a logo only takes four simple steps: Enter your business name and industry, choose from thousands of pre-designed logo templates, customize the fonts, colors, orientation, and design patterns. The Client can save this logo to edit again later or purchase it immediately. Anyone with zero design experience can create a logo. This entire logo creation is free and for advanced tools, there is a basic charge associated with the same.
  4. Freelogodesign: FreeLogoDesign features a free logo maker tool with thousands of templates, user-friendly editing tools, social media kits, and more. This tool can also be used to browse for logo ideas and create professional logos for the different industry sectors.
  5.  Brandcrowd: BrandCrowd is a logo creator tool that works online. Thousands of pre-designed and customizable logo templates, as well as industry-specific business cards, letterheads, and social media banners are available. BrandCrowd enables businesses to effortlessly create professional logos with User-friendly editing tools and a large selection of logo templates.

No matter, what the line of business is here, be it a stationary logo design, film company logo design, housing logo design, doctor logo design. Every business would need the support of a logo. The best brands and the associated advertising campaigns are not created overnight. If one doesn’t have a brand logo (especially something that doesn’t stand out), then the business is missing an opportunity to make its business stick in the minds of the target audience.

A well-designed logo is a key contributor to effective revenue generation directly and allows people to trust you as a credible brand.

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