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A logo represents the face of a business. It strikes a first impression very similar to a warm greeting and exudes strong positive energy. These features become the prime aspect of the most iconic logos of the world. Here we will discuss some major points to be kept in mind while Outsource Logo Design.

So, what necessarily makes a successful logo design? 

Successful logos can be recognized spot on and it reflects a distinctive brand message making them stand out from the crowd. These logos have over the years captivated people’s minds and garnered their trust and just look timeless and professional. 

Apple’s first logo in 1976 looked nothing like the one that we are seeing today. The original logo featured Isaac Newton sitting beneath a tree with the apple hanging from it, all set to drop. Steve Jobs realized the illustration looks far too complex for just about any application and would affect the brand impact on computer boxes. On a lighter note, Can you imagine it on your phone?

Steve Jobs knew this logo would never work as a brand and changed this logo the following year. Since then, the logo of an apple with a bite has remained constant, aside from some geometric pattern and color changes for the 1998 refresh, and the move from colored stripes to a solid silhouette. Rob Janoff’s apple logo has remained a key player in Apple’s global success story since its inception. 

Apple constantly strives to make stylish products that can be accessible to the most technologically-challenged individuals without putting any sort of restraint to use them. The chrome palate or the earlier flat-color logos still demonstrated characteristics of sleekness and sophistication. The distinct image of “bite” out of the apple is a pun on the word “byte” (as in gigabyte, or megabyte). Some people also denote it as a metaphoric form wherein it symbolizes the knowledge consumption of people using Apple’s products.

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People Per Hour


Logo designers are admired and respected for their expertise in combining the latest imaging and photo-editing software with their creativity. They have an intricate sixth sense, wherein they can quickly tell if the desired and said message is being properly communicated through text and color effects of the logo. 

You only get one first impression. So, when the question of choosing a logo for your business or helping clients secure one for theirs comes up, you want to make sure it’s done by the most appropriate and professional person who knows his job right. 

Taking the professional acumen into account, it may not be practical to put a graphic designer on your payroll full-time. So, what’s the next best option to design a logo with the least hiccups and without compromising on the quality aspects. This is the spot where we need to look at the concept of outsourcing the logo design work. Outsourcing is simply contracting either a one-time or recurring task to an individual or service outside the client’s regular payroll.

Let’s look at some of the key Pro’s to outsource logo design jobs;

1. Saves Money: Depending on the circumstances, it can be cheaper to identify, delegate, and pay for only the tasks you need to have finished rather than hire regular employees to complete the work. So this becomes like a metered concept wherein we pay the outsourced designer for what the client needs at the moment instead of keeping extra staff on hand.

2. Time: It saves the pain point of going through the hiring and onboarding process that involves tons of paperwork and delay in getting the required approvals. It’s quicker and easier to delegate specific tasks to a freelancer than hire a regular employee on your payroll and spend time and effort in training them and briefing them about the Company’s Process and functions. A Freelancer wouldn’t be required to go through this grind. He will come, discuss and get going with his work thus saving a whole lot of time and effort.

3. Getting a unique perspective: Having a fresh set of eyes on logo design can improve the quality of the work. Doing the same mundane job day-in and day-out, one might miss the forest for the trees. The logo designer can get stuck on a singular vision directly impacting and making the brand grow stale. Bringing in an outside designer will not only bring new ideas but will also lead to pointing in new directions. Besides, being distinct and standing apart will just pave way for a forecasted business approach with a measured form of competition withholding professional values. Outsourcing logo design work helps the business cos, you will be bringing in someone with the expertise you need to get the job done right.

4. Saves Office Space and Infra costs: Imagine someone starting a new business, One might not have the office space and necessary infrastructure to bring on a new employee. One doesn’t have to find a place for them to work. There’s no desk, no office furniture, and no computer setup required. All the work, meetings, and work reviews will happen online. Also, it mitigates the cost to purchase computers and expensive software like Photoshop which are licensed software and don’t come cheap. Next, there will be maintenance costs for maintaining this expensive equipment. If the employee you hire doesn’t know how to deal with technical difficulties, you’ll need to have an IT team on board too thus increasing the costs.

5. Get Higher quality work: Hiring a freelance Logo designer by outsourcing logo design work will be beneficial cos, they tend to focus on your work alone. They are inspired by positive feedback because it leads to more work.

The above factors lead us to a successful proposition about the positives of Outsourcing logo design jobs to the open market. There are a lot of players on the market right now. Some of the key players are;

1. Fiverr:


It’s a one-stop solution for all Logo design works. One can easily find high-quality services at every price point. There are no complex pricing models,  No hourly rates, etc. It’s just project-based pricing. The right freelancers are handpicked to do cater to specific industry/technical and client requirements. It helps the clients to speak their minds about their requirements and ensure that they get the desired outcome from Fiverr.

2. Freelancer


It’s a virtual marketplace giving the best platform for talented and skilled freelancers to offer their services to buyers. Freelancer.com has over 25 million registered users who have completed more than 12 million projects. It just goes to speak volumes about their professionalism and the quality of work provided to the end clients. Surprisingly, within a short span, global companies are using these independent professionals for their regular software and application development, writing, design, and other business services.

3. People Per Hour


People per hour is a web-based freelance job marketplace that ensures pointing out required business needs with the acquired talents. It is ideal for both enterprises and SMEs globally. While the platform gives the presence of a global talent pool on the spot, it also helps you zero in on local talents based on your specific requirements. The provider ensures to verify the credentials of talents prior to enrolling them in its database. This ensures you get a shortlisted list of candidates from the word-go. Likewise, you can select the fees for a fixed price or hourly rate, giving you complete budget flexibility. The Testimonials on their website and the media attention garnered by their positive work are sheerly astounding.

4. Upwork


Upwork is an online market for freelance jobs. It is spoken widely in social media circles and touted to be the biggest online workplace site bringing in together the largest number of job hunters and employers on a single work platform. On this platform, freelancers and employers seek to find the best deals for their particular projects with their profiles, ratings, work portfolio, and competitive prices. Upwork makes finding the right match easy through its state-of-the-art technology using a powerful search engine with various filters. Users can narrow down or widen their search parameters based on individual needs and specifications. Upwork is also proactive in projecting legitimate freelancers and will thoroughly check their credentials and work portfolio before enrolling them as a part of their company workforce.

In conclusion, Online outsourcing is a great tool for clients worldwide. This helps both the client and freelancer to get out of the comfort zone and lame excuse of Time zone. The question of How to outsource logo design is well answered by the global presence of millions of freelancers who are ready to apply their ideas to fulfill the client’s logo design needs. Outsourcing logo design work can save time and money, and it can also allow one to diversify the talent you bring in with a fresh brew of ideas to carry out your various projects with a new vibrant zeal of enthusiasm.

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