How To Choose Headphones – Specs and Guide

Whenever we plan to buy headphones primarily look for the sound and build quality. In addition to these, we will discuss other factors which we should consider while buying headphones and How To Choose Headphones – Specs and Guide.

How to choose headphones

As it is said that you cannot see without your ears. The ear is the sole point to enjoying a true music experience. So, the first step is to find the best headphones. Earphones are the perfect replacement for headphones, earphone helps you to enjoy the music and sound. So, what makes earphones superior? Firstly, it is quieter than earphones as it offers you less background noise. it offers you less background noise. Unlike earphones, it allows you to enjoy music and sound without connecting to a separate source. Therefore, earphone is the best option when you want to get the best quality music experience. However, the most important part of headphones is their sound. Sound is made up of a mix of speaker and amplifier. It lets you enjoy high-quality audio that is comfortable.


According to many experts, sound quality is the most important feature of any headphones. Build quality Nowadays companies are trying to provide better sound quality than the one before it. Some of the headphones now come in different materials like leather, wood, plastic, metal, etc. And many other ones which were not available till recently. This is why the style of headphones has evolved from one type of material to another. If your priority is sound quality and you are willing to spend a bit more money, then you can consider investing in good headphones. However, if you don’t care for sound quality, then you can try good headphones on a budget.


Most people purchase headphones that they feel are comfortable and sturdy. They buy quality ones which they can comfortably wear for extended periods of time. If you need a solid lightweight and powerful pair of headphones, we recommend the Bose QuietComfort 35. It is a very comfortable pair of headphones. The Bose QuietComfort 35 will fit almost everybody’s ears. It is constructed with a closed-back design and a premium plastic finish which is breathable and light. It uses Acoustic Wireless Stereo technology to deliver the best quality of sound. The built-in 3 Mb Memory Stick and microphones further enhance the overall experience of listening to music and do not drop calls either.

You can find list of Headphones and Earphones selected based on quality and performance

Build quality

It is an important factor in every case and has to be considered by every buyer. Good build quality is required for your headphone which you can afford to invest in. If you buy cheap headphones you will not be satisfied with the sound or build quality. Sound Most people don’t even bother to find out how good is the sound of the headphones they are buying, they buy a cheap one by imagining it feels the same as that of expensive headphones. In order to get the best quality sound, you should buy only headphones that are noise-canceling. Features These are the features that are essential for you to consider while buying a headphone.

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Headphones connect to a computer or mobile phone via the 3.5mm Audio Jack Audio Cable Any 3.5mm audio cable is compatible with all types of audio equipment Tips Check how long the audio cable is and also if it is compatible with the equipment you have. Always check the quality of the audio cables before you buy. 


Bluetooth is a new technology that is very popular among mobile phone users. It helps users in connecting their portable devices with the computer or any other audio equipment. A Bluetooth device is plugged into a nearby audio device. The devices in contact get each other’s signals. The devices do not need to be connected with each other. There are two types of Bluetooth devices, including the classic and the newer features Bluetooth Smart.

Noise cancellation

For good sound, quality is essential. Good noise cancellation enables us to enjoy the sound easily without disturbing the sound in the background. So when we buy a headphone we should check if it has good noise cancellation or not. 

Frequency response 

This is the most important factor of good sound quality. Any headphone is specific to the frequency range it’s designed for. So we must buy a headphone only for their capacity in the frequency range. Impedance Again, there is no fixed parameter for measuring the audio output impedance. We must check it according to our audio needs. Construction If there is no noticeable damage to the earphones and housing then it is good. If there are dents, scratches, tears, loose or soft earpieces then they should not be purchased.


A headphone needs to be well-balanced and neutral to offer pleasing sound reproduction. It should offer good imaging and clarity with a few bass and treble variations. High impedance headphones are less preferred by consumers, as they can cause sound distortion or low volume output with earphones. The electrical impedance of the headphone can also be a determining factor as to whether it is well-balanced or not. A headphone with low impedance may be compared with its full-range counterpart and a well-balanced pair of headphones can be tested by standing them next to each other. Clear Audio A well-balanced headphone will have a high-frequency response with little distortion. To make a good pair of headphones, it should offer an expansive soundstage.


Before selecting any kind of audio device which is the base of a headphone there should be a clear understanding of various factors. So go through all these points and select the headphone/earphone which suits your requirement. 

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